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We have improved the default textures used in visualization to make them even more realistic. You can also save photorealistic renderings of your designs that look equally good on print.
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Galaincha now supports 360 VR Rooms, so you can now experience your rug designs in real life size using a VR Headset as if you were inside the room.

Perspective tool has been improved and is called My Room. You can load room photographs to lay your rug designs on, with even lesser effort.
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Visualization comes with a new modern interface where you can now cycle through design view, room view and strike-off from the same window.

  • Visualization
  • Room view
  • Strike off
  • Photorealistic
  • Folded view
  • 360 room view
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Also, check out the training videos and Output pack.

Look out for exciting new updates before the final version is released.

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You can request new features or suggest modifications to existing features. Please submit your suggestions through the Feature Request form on our website. -
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This is a pre-release preview and might be updated often. Some of the development might not yet be complete. If you encounter any problems, then you can always log in to the last stable release at http://galaincha.com.np
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