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We offer a paid trial period that includes 3 months full access to the software, email based training and technical support. This is to ensure that you explore most of the features, evaluate immediate benefits and understand its potential for your future business before investing in the software. We even walk you through processing a few designs of your own during the training if required.

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† Galaincha is an extremely user friendly software for rug designing. This powerful design software enables carpet designers and manufacturers to create carpets of any size and quality, easily make color changes (based on their color set), and generate graphs for weaving or tufting. A significant feature of this software is that it can convert majority of digital artwork including photographs into a weavable design of given size and quality within few clicks. The simulated renderings from this rug designing software are indistinguishable from real photographs of actual rugs, which may include varying pile heights, mixed plies, and gradients. A number of transforming advantages in carpet making, including efficiency, productivity, cost saving, and finding best combination of color, texture, material and finishing that were otherwise not possible manually. Thus the carpet designers and manufacturers can show their client how the finished rug will look like before the carpet is actually woven.