Galaincha Software version 4.50 was updated on September 30, 2019

  1. Launchpad
    Besides the features introduced in Launchpad Galaincha V4.40, the following tools have been added in Launchpad: Some of the earlier Launchpad items such as Staircase view have been moved to CarpeTools->Room View.
  2. CarpeTools
    • New Staircase view has been added in Room View.
    • CarpeTools->Create->Horizontal Lines has been updated to include Minimum Length, Maximum Length and Coverage.
    • Silk Texture in CarpeTools->Visualization and Wool Texture in CarpeTools->Strikeoff have been updated
  3. Usability
    • Design colors can be viewed as large thumbnails with a 'Large' Display Option. (Right click Color box-> Display Options-> Large).
    • Double clicking on the rendering in 'Create Color Combinations' exports the design.
    • In Border Select tool, clicking on the design selects a symmetric rectangle.
    • Selection Options added to the Edit menu. If selecting a complex area in Galaincha makes it run slow, the selection outline can be turned off for better performance.
    • Designs are autosaved every five minutes at "My Documents\Galaincha\AutoSave"
    • The expiry date for Galaincha subscription can be viewed from Help-> About for online accounts.
    • If Galaincha crashes due to any reason, a confirmation dialog appears asking to send the crash log. Upon confirmation, the crash log is sent to Galaincha Support.

Galaincha Software version 4.40 was updated on June 21, 2018

  1. Launchpad
  2. Virtual Strikeoff
    • Virtual Strikeoff (Launchpad-> Virtual Strikeoff) allows you to share virtual strikeoff images. Your customers can view the strikeoff on their TV screen or big monitors in actual scale of the rug, and adjust colors to match the poms. This allows your customers to get a real feel of the rug, and obviates the need for shipping strikeoffs. Virtual Strikeoff can also be accessed from CarpeTools-> Strikeoff-> Virtual Strikeoff. Virtual Strikeoff can also be accessed from CarpeTools-> Strikeoff-> Virtual Strikeoff.
  3. CarpeTools
  4. Colors
    • Colors-> Material Estimate has a new layout template. You can request us to add your logo to the template.
    • SRI D 640 Color Database can be accessed from Colors-> Load New Factory Color Set-> From Web.
    • Clicking on Colors-> Create Color Combinations by holding the Shift key will open Manual Mode to create the color combinations.
  5. Production
  6. Help
  7. Usability
    • File-> Browse and Design-> Rug Presentation allows files to be filtered by file extension.
    • Custom order sheet template can be included for Design-> Rug Presentation by placing a OrderSheetTemplate.dat in My Documents\Galaincha\Settings. OrderSheetTemplate.dat will be sent to you upon your customization request.

Galaincha Software version 4.30 was updated on April 26, 2017

  1. Visualization
  2. Production
  3. CarpeTools
  4. Colors
    • Colors->Separate Colors into Layers now allows separating upto 99 colors into layers.
    • CarpeTools->Refine has color limit increased from 50 to 100.
  5. Files
    • File->Browse lists the the folder names in natural file order. Option of showing file extension added.
    • Option of saving file in .PCX file format added to File->Save.
  6. Design
    • Link to access RUGShare.net (http://rugshare.net/), a site that offers rug customization from social media, is added in Design->RUGShare.
  7. Help
    • Offline Help has been added to Help->Help Topics.
    • Galaincha tutorial videos can be accessed from Help->Galaincha Videos.
    • Help site contents have been updated for readability.
    • Help and Video buttons added at the top right corner of dialogs.

Galaincha Software version 4.20 was updated on May 18, 2016

  1. Rug Presentation
    • Design -> Rug Presentation is a new tool to present all your designs from one place
  2. CarpeTools
    • CarpeTools -> Clean Layer is a new Tool that consolidates most cleaning tools. It is also directly accessible from Art to Graph
    • Material Estimate supports Landscape, Portrait and Color Only templates. The new PDF based templates can accommodate designs with large number of colors
    • Option to Select Isolated Areas added to Select process in toolbox
  3. Visualization
    • Textures have been updated in Visualization
    • Textures other than default Wool, Silk and Loop can be loaded in Visualization and Strikeoff by placing the corresponding texture files in My Documents\Galaincha\Textures folder
    • Save for Printing option added to CarpeTools->Visualization. This allows renderings to be saved in high resolution suitable for printing
    • Room View has a new interface and rooms have been updated
    • Strikeoff has a new and more responsive interface
  4. Colors
    • Colors -> Create Color Combinations has a new interface and more methods to create color combinations
    • ARS 1200 colors have been updated. The updated colors can be downloaded from Colors -> Load New Factory Color Set -> From Web
  5. Design
    • Accessing RamroDesigns.com from Galaincha will automatically apply a 25% discount on all purchases made on the site
    • The default design size is changed to 900 x 1200
  6. Files
    • File -> Browse has a new interface
    • File -> Import -> Design from exploRUG order sheet allows to import customized designs from order sheets created with exploRUG (http://explorug.com/)
  7. Usability
    • The CarpeTools menu has been reorganized to make it easier to find tools
    • Galaincha now appears well on high resolution displays
    • Galaincha Experience Enhancement Program allows you to voluntarily participate in sending your Galaincha usage patterns anonymously to us in order to improve the Galaincha experience for you. Crash logs are also sent automatically.

Galaincha was updated on September 21, 2015

  1. Design
  2. CarpeTools
  3. Colors
    • ARS 1000 Viscose has been added to Colors Menu
    • Loading additional color databases from web has been enabled (Colors->Load New Factory Color Set->From Web)
    • Color sequence and current sorting order are displayed in Edit Color Sequence dialog
    • Ctrl+Shift+M maps the colors in the current design to the currently loaded color set
    • Fix: ARS 600 and ARS 700 Viscose have been updated to match the layout of the boxes
    • Fix: Problem in color percentage in Print Design has been fixed
  4. Help
    • Bug report within the software can be reported with Help->Report a Bug
    • Feature requests for the software can be made with Help->Send Feature Request
    • Help->Tips… will give you some useful techniques to save your time

Galaincha was updated on September 3, 2014

  1. Visualization
    • Visualization dialog now allows fine grained control over silk sheen and wool coarseness
    • Visualizations of irregular shaped rugs can be saved as PNG files to preserve the transparency of unwoven areas
    • Material and pile-height can be changed by clicking on the design itself.
    • The dropdown for Reset now contains more options.
    • There are some interface changes that make visualization dialog more usable.
  2. Printing
  3. Colors
  4. CarpeTools
  5. Designing
  6. Usability
    • Maximum limit of 25 colors for some tools such as color combinations, separate colors, refine and smart resize have been changed to 50 colors.
    • Browse Designs shows thumbnails for PAT Files too
    • File->Open Recent menu shows the file path, Ctrl+Click opens the directory instead of file.
    • Dragging and dropping files on an open design is allowed. Previously, you had to drop on a gray area only.
    • Room view images are saved with a filename containing the room name.
    • Strikeoff window is closed if the design has incorrect resolution settings.
    • If a color name is too long in Material estimate, it is truncated with ellipses at the end.
    • Factory color manager allows to import up to 2000 colors from bitmaps.
    • If a JPEG image is color reduced, a Save As dialog is shown with CTFX or PNG as default
    • Close All (Ctrl+Shift+W) implemented in the File Menu
    • Fix: Problem saving designs with transparency as CTF has been fixed
  7. Interface

Galaincha Software version 4.10 was updated on January 21, 2014

  1. Visualization
    • Visualization Dialog now properly supports areas with same color but different texture/pile height
    • In Visualization Dialog, if My Documents\Galaincha\Textures has more than one texture file, Custom Texture shows a dropdown allowing to select any texture
    • In Visualization Dialog, Reset has more options to select material and pile heights as well
    • In Room View, the rooms loaded using Load Room are automatically loaded next time (up to 8 rooms are remembered)
    • Also, rooms can be directly copied to My Documents\Galaincha\Rooms
    • In Room View, loading or downloading more rooms automatically populates the thumbnails
    • Room View is now movable. Just drag the room view window
    • Rooms have been updated in Room View
    • In Strikeoff Dialog, when pressing the mouse button over the strikeoff, the design is displayed
    • Fix: Bug causing strikeoff to export additional textures has been resolved
    • Fix: CTF now saves pile height and carving information
  2. Printing
    • In Print Design, if a filename is specified, the logo is changed without changing System Image to None
    • In Print Graph, color numbers are printed on every page
    • For large pages, numbers are displayed after every 120 knots/lines
    • Color number appears correctly in graph for designs with different pile heights or materials of the same color
    • Design name is printed in graph
  3. Colors
    • Colors Menu has been rearranged and ARS 1400, ARS 320 Viscose and ARS 700 Viscose have been added
    • Color databases can be added to My Documents\Galaincha\Color Databases for easy loading
    • Append in Factory Color Manager Dialog now supports XML files, this makes it easier to combine two color databases
    • Load Recent Colors has been added to Factory Colors Window dropdown menu
    • Currently selected color database name is displayed in Factory Colors title bar
  4. Tools
    • Zoom window added to Art to Graph
    • Sorting options added to Art to Graph, click on the downward pointing arrow at the top left of the colors for sorting options
    • Undo added to Art to Graph. Press Ctrl+Z to remove the last selected color
    • Art to Graph Dialog now supports transparency. Right click on a selected color to make it transparent
    • Art to Graph dialog now shows wastage at every step of color selection
    • Line mode added to Trace dialog
    • Reduce colors avoids colors with low percentage coverage
    • Flip Random has been implemented in Auto Repeat process
    • Fix: Pencil tools draws while dragging with transparent color
  5. CarpeTools
    • Shapes tool added to CarpeTools->Create->Geometric->Shapes
    • Motif Repeat effect has been added to CarpeTools->Create->Motif Effects
    • Motif Rotate effect has been added to CarpeTools->Create->Motif Effects. This tool rotates the motif while taking Knots Line Ratio into account
    • Vertical direction added to Interlace Edge Effect. This is useful to make Ikat designs
    • Slide effect now has center horizontally and center vertically options
    • More option have been added to CarpeTools->Create->Texture->Gradients
  6. Interface
    • Cleaned up some of the Effects dialog, for example, Remove Dots
    • Effect Configuration dialog is now displayed at the top right of the design area, rather than the center
    • Font of pile height is dynamically calculated in Visualization dialog so that it doesn't look ugly when the pile height string is long
    • Fix: Alignment issues in dialogs for non-standard DPI
    • Fix:Pan window in Thumbnail is now more visible on all colors
  7. Usability
    • A date/time correction suggestion is displayed before redirecting to the Galaincha website
    • Calculator added to Resize dialog
    • Closest used color added to Similar Colors in Used Colors right click - this will be useful when reducing colors with low percentage
    • Added Resize Image to Used colors panel when the design has too many colors and size is >2000 pixels
    • Keyboard shortcut for Color picker changed to 'i'. 'p' now selects pencil tool by default
    • Galaincha does not need to be restarted to use Custom Texture in Visualization
    • Fix: Crash while exporting to Photoshop format has been fixed

Galaincha was updated on March 28, 2011

  1. Visualization
    • Export Strikeoff retaining all design colors and sequence from the Strikeoff dialog
    • Reset all textures and pile heights with a button click in Visualization dialog
    • Rooms have been updated in Room View. Old rooms are available for download from http://galaincha.com.np/rooms
  2. Printing
    • Print Outlines features for tufted carpets has been added to Print Graph dialog
    • Print Graph dialog has been optimized and made more responsive for busy designs
    • Total carpet size can be specified in Print Graph dialog
    • Print directly from the Visualization dialog box
    • Print directly from the Strikeoff dialog box
    • Color numbering and pile heights have been added to the Print Design dialog box
  3. Colors
    • Send color to new layer implemented in right click menu of used colors
    • Apply colors from image has been optimized
    • Generate Color Combinations dialog has been revamped and it now supports history
    • Material Estimation now has an additional column for distribution calculated using Excess method
    • Several sorting options have been added to Color Sequence Editor
  4. Tools
    • The magic wand tool selects within selection be default to allow more fine grained selections
    • Border Selection tool added
    • Border Reflection tool added to Mirror
    • Selective Coloring tool added
  5. Interface
    • Improved Galaincha icon
    • Quick colors added to Window menu
    • Room view button visibility has been improved
  6. Usability
    • Single login for 32 bit and 64 bit computers
    • Fix: Bug that caused problems when updating registration of offline version of Galaincha has been resolved

Galaincha was updated on Nov 22, 2009

  1. Designing
    • Detailed mode added to resize options. This mode is better than normal mode or smart mode in preserving design details.
    • Better support for irregular knot line ratios (for example, 60 knot carpets)
    • Background layer is hidden by pressing Ctrl+Space. This is useful when tracing.
    • A design with irregular knot line ratio is saved as ctfx by default.
  2. Visualization
    • Strikeoff module added to Carpetools
    • Room View has been updated with the latest room sets
    • Carpets are always displayed in their actual proportion in room view
    • Fix: Room View buttons disappearing in Windows 7 have been fixed
    • Fix: Visualization Dialog now remembers the last pile height applied to a color
  3. Printing
    • Print Graph numbering is improved
    • Fix: It is now possible to print graph with minimum margin
    • Fix: Scale Error in Print Graph is fixed
  4. Colors
    • Automatic Color Selection improved in Art To Graph
    • Sort by Coverage added to Color Sequence Editor
    • ARS 1200 Color Database and Default Color database added to Colors Menu
    • Fix: Bug in displaying long color names in used colors has been fixed
    • Fix: Crash in Factory Color Manager with empty or incorrect color databases fixed
  5. Tools
    • Remove Islands has been improved
    • Connect Diagonals added to Remove Dots Effect
    • Edit Layer in Another Program added to Image Menu
    • Add/Remove Knots added to Image Menu, Ctrl+Click to draw straight line
    • Interlace Edges Effect added to Carpetools Menu
    • Ellipse select tool behaves the same as the ellipse drawing tool
    • Fix: Crash in Remove Islands has been fixed
    • Fix: Full Circle Select for 60 knot carpets
  6. CarpeTools
    • CarpeTect added
    • Quick Shapes added
    • Greek Key added
  7. Interface
    • Autohide all windows added to Window Menu
    • What's New added to Help Menu
A bug fix update for this release was posted on Dec 6. This update fixes the crash in Art to Graph and a few other crashes.

Galaincha was updated on May 13, 2009

  1. Visualization
    • Ability to load custom rooms in Room View
    • Visualization now supports more than 25 colors
    • Fit in Screen works properly for 60 knot carpets
    • Room View supports irregular shaped carpets
    • Room View now has an option to lay carpets while maintaining its proportion
    • Perspective tool added. It allows you to lay carpets in your room
  2. Printing
    • Print Image added to file menu
    • Printing graph with solid grid prints thick rooms
    • Bug that prevented printing last page in Print graph has been fixed
  3. Colors
    • ARS 600 Colors added to Colors menu
    • Number of rows can be speficied in Factory Colors
    • Factory Color manager handles large color databases without error
    • Factory Color manager supports color reordering by dragging and dropping
    • Factory color manager facilitates finding colors by pressing initial alphabet
    • Factory color manager automatically substitutes duplicate color with slightly different color after confirmation
    • Color Sequence Editor added to Colors Menu
  4. Tools
    • Auto Select Circle and Auto Select Ellipse added to Auto Select Process
    • Multi ply shortcut added to Used Colors right click menu
  5. Interface
    • Custom Grid color can be defined from the status bar
    • Custom Grid size can be defined from the status bar
  6. Help
    • Help topics are now accessible from the Galaincha Interface
  7. Misc
    • Settings and Parameters now accessible from My Documents\Galaincha
    • CTF File format now supports transparent color. Transparent areas and areas with Cyan are saved as transparent

Galaincha was updated on February 2, 2009

  1. Visualization
    • Visualization and Room view can save renderings at 300 dpi
  2. Printing
    • Small text in print graph has been made more legible
    • A bug with saving templates in Print Design has been fixed
  3. Colors
    • A new module "Apply Colors from Image" has been added to the Colors menu
    • Material Estimate dialog can now save estimation data in CSV format for processing in Excel
    • A bug preventing editing very large color databases in the Factory Color Editor has been fixed
  4. Tools
    • The fill tool now fills as you drag
  5. Misc
    • A bug that caused Galaincha to crash on some machines with the latest Windows Service Pack has been fixed

Galaincha Software version 4.05 was released on November 17, 2008

  1. Visualization
    • Carving in Visualization
    • Support for one custom texture
    • Rendering is now optimized and speeded up by combining several consecutive operations in one
    • Room View added in Carpetools
  2. Printing
    • Print Design has been enhanced to include design name, size and scale
    • Print Design can print a black outline of the design
    • The plate in print design can be saved
    • Print Graph can print a color outline
    • Print Graph now allows alphabets for color numbers
  3. Colors
    • Color picker dialog has been enhanced to include several color spaces
    • Factory Colors Management Module has been enhanced
    • Factory Colors can be filtered, sorted, and displayed in a details view
    • Used Colors contains a context menu with useful functions
  4. Tools
    • Line tool can now draw in connected mode or disconnected mode
    • File Menu now contains a new tool, Browse Designs, that shows thumbnails and allows opening of all supported file types.
    • Edit menu contains a new tool called Select Layer Elements that selects all nontransparent pixels in the active layer
    • Colors menu contains a new tool called Separate Colors into Layers
    • The Move Selection and Move Pixels tools can be constrained to the design boundary by pressing Shift
  5. Misc
    • The CTFX extension is now associated with Galaincha on Windows Vista