Adding custom textures

Galaincha allows you to visualize your designs in your own custom texture. To do so, you need to provide us a good resolution photograph of your textured image with proper lighting.

The specifications for the textured image are as follows:

1. Photo of the texture should be upright and the texture should be mid-tone and solid colored, preferably solid gray.

Left (correct): Carpet woven using solid gray material
Right (incorrect): Multi-colored carpet

2. Texture should be evenly lit without distinct shadows

Left(correct): Evenly lit carpet
Right(incorrect): Carpet has a distinct shadow

3. Recommended carpet area visible in photograph : 2ft x 2ft

Left(correct): Photo covers 2 sq. ft. area of the real carpet
Right(incorrect): Smaller carpet sample, which will result in visible repeats

It is suggested that you put a measuring scale near the carpet in the photo so that we can see what the real scale of the shown sample is.

4. Recommended image size: 3600 px x 3600 px

Left(correct): Larger image size
Right(incorrect): Smaller image size

Please download sample image of textures for reference purpose.

You can send us a photograph of your texture and we will create the texture which you can load in Galaincha software or email them to us at