* Minimum System Requirements
Using Internet Explorer, please go to https://www.galaincha.com.np/login
Enter your username and password, and click on Login button (or press Enter).
If you are running Galaincha for the first time, you will be asked to install it. Please confirm to proceed.
If any prerequisite to run Galaincha software is missing then you will be notified.
Please install the required component as mentioned here: https://galaincha.com.np/havingtrouble/

Galaincha will be downloaded and installed automatically. You can see the progress of the download. Galaincha will start automatically after the
download is complete.
  The Galaincha software interface
In some cases, the main window does not appear in the front, but you can see Galaincha tab in the taskbar. Click on the tab and the application
will appear in front.
If you have more questions related to getting started in Galaincha, please visit the Login FAQ.
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