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A dozen reasons to buy Galaincha
Show the finished rug before it is made
With realistic visualization and strike-offs,
creating physical samples is not required to judge
the appearance. You can even show the rug in
the customer's own room

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Easy to get started
You can try a full-fledged software with
training for 3 months so that you can make
an informed decision at the end of the trial period.
The program is easy and user-friendly so that
it can be learnt by anyone within a few hours
to accomplish the most common tasks.

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Fits your budget
You can choose one-off payment, yearly subscription or
monthly subscription as per your budget. It is even more
affordable when you buy multiple licenses for
your entire design team. There are no hidden costs.

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Save time in designing
You save time as you can
create designs from
inspirations or using
one of the numerous tools
and try different color
combinations with
a few clicks. Work with
standard color references or
your own.

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Save money in production
Generate graph for production within
a few clicks, understand what is weavable or not
instantly. With automatic material estimation,
you save money that goes into wasted yarn.

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Communicate flawlessly
Save money wasted due to communication errors.
Galaincha produces a small
file size with full manufacturing information and knot by knot accuracy.
Realize the most complex rugs
Busy designs with multiple constructions,
multiple sizes, multiple qualities, Galaincha handles them easily making possible rugs once impossible.
Transition easily
Galaincha is easy to transition into from other
design software. It also allows cross operation with your existing design software if you have one.
Obtain instant access and mobility
Galaincha is installed over the Internet, and
you can start working on it right away. You can carry Galaincha wherever there is an Internet connection.
Get peace of mind
Our effective email based training and responsive technical support is provided free of cost and will solve your problems by your next working day as far as possible.
Run the latest and greatest version
Since 1999, software upgrades are provided free of cost. It will install automatically the next time you log into Galaincha after an update is available.
Galaincha is reliable
One of the industry leaders in carpet design software used by topmost rug importers and manufacturers worldwide.
More than 400 people login daily into Galaincha.
Galaincha software
If you have any query, or require any specific information, please let us know at For your pursuit, we can also process your own work free of cost and furnish you with the required output.